Cash Shop Terms of Service - Updated Sept 12, 2023

The Cash Shop is used to purchase in game items via Novus Astra Coins (NA Coins). These coins are purchased on our website via Paypal payments. Any form of online payment will follow these terms. By using these features, you agree that the funds used are yours or you have legal permission to use said funds.

If you perform a chargeback to try to refund your purchase, we will dispute the chargeback with Paypal and your account will be banned from using this feature in the future. Repeated chargebacks will result in your account being banned from Novus Astra.

If you do not agree to these terms, do not make any purchases on this website.

No refunds will be issued under any circumstances unless there is a problem on our end which we will do our absolute best to resolve the issue amicably before proceeding with a refund.

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