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~About Novus Astra~

I started this company in 2008 not even sure what I was going to do with it. Over the years I have used it for game hosting of many different games, and even other projects I have created. However my past projects were all things I lost interest in over the years as many of them were anime games and programming is just a hobby to me and I would never be able to see the games go live due to legal reasons so I wanted to do something a bit more open, a project I could actually showcase to the world. When this game was approved for Steam, I gained further motivation as it is one of my lifelong goals to make something I can share with other people.
~About the name Novus Astra~

The name "Novus Astra" is the English meaning of the latin words "New Star", the reason this was chosen is because the company is essentially a new star. With the revival of a classic game being the cornerstone of the company, I wanted the name to reflect the new revival and the star reflecting the arrival of a new company. I will admit, I was not the only one trying to come up with a new name and the other person helping me agreed that this was the best fit. The new company name went into effect on August 30th, 2023.
~About the Staff~

Each staff member is hand picked for a specific field that best suits their skill and talent. Each staff member is listed on the staff list page and by clicking their image, you can access their profile. Each staff member can edit their profile and their biography for public view as they see fit. Their staff level is also listed in their public profile as well. Staff members uploading images of their real life selves is entirely optional and if they choose not to, a default image will be their place holder.
~About the game~

This was originally a game created by Gunbuddy13 many years ago back in the very early 2002 to 2004 area using the BYOND engine. A user by the name of Johan411 recreated the source in roughly 2010 to 2011 and released it to the public. This recreation had a massive amount of inconsistencies, bugs and other problems. I have used this source as a mere reference and rewritten the entire game from the ground up completely from scratch to create a smoother, more efficient product. As well as adding a lot of new content but making sure to pay homage to the classic version of the game released by Gunbuddy13.
~In closing~

Unlike other companies who are only into producing games for a profit, I do this for fun. I do have more spare time than most people but, I do have a life so I can't be working on this 24/7 as I am only human but I truly hope to bring people a game they can enjoy. That's why player feedback is so important to me as I plan on listening to everyone and doing everything I can to make as many people happy with my company as possible. Everyones feedback is welcome, whether it be positive or negative, I will look at all the feedback from the community.
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