Previous Project Credits

Original Game Design from c2003 - Gunbuddy13
This individual created the original Mystic Journey using the BYOND engine back in 2003 creating a wonderful game lots of people enjoyed and he did a great job keeping the game alive for several years. Even having people from around the country host different servers to give the players more options to play when the main server wasn't online.

Remake Source from c2011 - Johan411
Johan was a great asset in recreating Mystic Journey when Gunbuddy13 abandoned the project around 2010. He recreated the entire game on his own and most impressive he was just a kid when he did so. Upon finishing the project he released it as an open source game. Several people have tried to make new versions off of it over the years but this open source project had alot of issues that never got fixed. Johans project has allowed Mystic Journey fans to keep the game alive and to give us hope to see the game revive to its former glory.

Additional towns and idea concepts - Rhp, Barry, Karoth
Another small group of users have made a version of the game themselves. Rhp hosting it with Barry and Karoth working on the programming aspect. Their version is not to be released on Steam just on the BYOND website. When this project was only being worked on by Rhp he allowed me access to his source and encouraged me to use the new towns and a couple ideas from his source such as Duskwood.
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