Update Log - Current Version: 2.8 (Beta)

Archived By: Genesis --- Update Applied On: T.B.D.

Added Cleric class
Freeze Zombies now drop Blizzard Toga
Will-O-Wisps now drop Poison Dagger
Toad Kings now drop Toad King Helm
All monsters now have a very rare chance to drop "Enchanted Scrolls"; Levels vary from 1 to 5
Item enchanted user now listed in the item info
Repaired and adjusted all spells
Cleric healing spells now heal 2 times as much HP other healers
Clerics sacrifice spell now recovers twice has much mana
Lightning Effect added to item "Lightning Stave"
Inferno Blade special effect repaired and timer adjusted
Glacier Blade special effect repaired and timer adjusted
Added MP Meter
Added Poison and Burn status changes to the game
Added Heal Poison spell for Clerics
Added Heal Burn spell for Clerics
Fixed bugs for spells, Repel Fire, Repel Poison, Cure Burn, Cure Poison
Portals bugged after icon addition, but repaired
Portals now function with the interact command (E) instead of bumping into them
All turf icons have now been replaced
All world object icons have now been replaced
Recoving gold from corpse was giving double gold, bug fixed
Added Paladin spell "Heal Aura"
Added a "Key Items" button the inventory window for critically important items
Moved the Rule Book Item to your key items slot instead of basic inventory so it doesn't count as a carrying item
All bosses now drop a key item called "Wooden Fragment"
Fixed a bug with Health and Mana auto restorations for ring effects
Repaired Poison spell bug
Updated Poison spell
Monster EXP has been adjusted
Player EXP gains adjusted
Pet EXP gains adjusted
Quest EXP gains adjusted
Added timer to meditate command to prevent spamming
You may now "Interact" with bookcases to read books. Two books have been added so far, more will be added in the future
One book contains all spell info for every class, the other is an intro book to the game to explain everything in great detail
Fixed Bug with host authetication
Fixed several database problems
Adjusted holiday events: January, February, July, October, November and December
December 25th now contains an automatic EXP x5 increase
EXP Boost x2 now automatically activated on Saturdays and Sundays
Launcher and world now automatically reboot at midnight everyday (midnight based on timezone of the server being hosted)
After daily reboot, daily quests now reset
Added Error messages with error codes
Repaired Guild system
Adjusted Sapphire quest to only drop quest Sapphires while accepting quest
Cash Shop ToS prompts no longer reset with a new character
Decreased enemy accuracy to 75% instead of 100%
Added names saves to database instead of .sav files
Added World Settings saving and loading to database
Added Mail System to database
Removed world save files (Unneeded)
Added cash shop item to increase max allowed arrows (Hunter Class Only)
NPC Monster Stats have been balanced
Upon visiting a town, you may now interact (E) with the statue to set it as a spawn point
Health Potions not healing - Fixed
Add a macro for meditate (Letter M) - Done
Possible to sell items with decimals instead of whole numbers - Fixed
Add Cash Shop item for 100% HP & SP recovery
Picked up items deleting themselves - Fixed
Blast Spell causing system errors - Fixed
Items dropped by monsters now have a 60 second time limit for you to pick up the item before it gets deleted
AFK Training weapon skills is now blocked
Prestige Mode bug has been repaired
Added comma breaks to inventory counter
Added new NPC in Loriel, "Coin Transfer". Once you reach Prestige Level 10, you may transfer excess talent points for CG Coins. (10 points for 1 coin)
NPC auto respawning has been fixed
Team system has been repaired
Pet attacking has been fixed
Pets now drop quest items along with normal items when killing monsters
Minor Group Healing now deletes from spell list when the next group healing skill is obtained
Added RULE BOOK that you will obtain automatically with a new character. READ IT!
Team EXP is granted ignoring level windows, repaired.
Hunter Skills need to be fixed, repaired.
Warrior Skills need to be fixed, repaired.
Water Elemental Master Inaccessable, repaired.
Monster target doesn't always reset, repaired.
Arrows 1 shot kill guards, repaired.
Arrows don't aggro monsters, repaired.
Chris Redford final quest marker doesn't appear, repaired.
Monsters don't attack pets, repaired.
Armor Effects don't trigger, repaired.
Weapon Effects don't trigger, repaired.
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