This is the report layout you need to use before making a post in this section. If you make a report without using this layout, it will likely be ignored. The reason for this is to keep things neat, organized, simple and easier to read and keep track of. The programming team will make a list of all bug reports and edit your post title as (Pending) once we have logged it. Now please, for each bug report you find, make a new post.

Do not post your report in someone else's thread.

Character Name: Simply the name of your character.
Date: The date and time you located the issue.
Bug Location: The place in the game you found the bug. Cave, towns, etc.
Potential Cause: If you feel you know the cause, or a potential cause, let us know here.
Detailed Description: Please describe the issue in as much detail as possible.
Screenshots: This is optional but it will help us pinpoint any issues.‚Äč